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Posted on: 20-10-14
Methods to avoid acne.

Acne is a form of skin allergy or imperfection that comes in handy with pimples. Reasons for the occurrence of acne can be many that might vary from genetic to hormonal to constipation. The acne issue is experienced by many of us at some or the other point of our lives.

Tone Down:
Toning your skin is a must to get rid of acne right from the roots. This helps in closure of all the open pores of your skin and makes break-outs less prone. You can prepare a toner by your own at home oil few leaves of pudina (mint leaves) in two glasses of water and drain when half of it evaporates. Cool it, store in refrigerator and use after every face wash.

Say goodbye to Blackheads:
Saying no or getting rid of blackheads is very important in order to prevent breakouts and blackheads. Indulging into a blackhead removal session at a renowned saloon will help you manage with pimples and acne which as a result makes way for a healthy skin.

Treat wise:
If you really want a fast and forever solution for curing for acne problem, you may opt for Clinical Skin Treatments such as Ozone or Laser therapies available nowadays. These treatments work on the skin right from the root cause, hence it is effective.

Hygiene first:
Use clean and hygienic towel and hair brushes. Try some self-curing by keeping all that comes or touches to your skin clean and fresh.

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