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Posted on: 15-01-15
Menstrual Hygiene

When periods begin for the first time in a female's life cycle, it is altogether a distinct step into womanhood. There are lot of myths and facts that surrounds a girl's periods and they are usually considered to be unclean at that particular time.
Here are certain tips that can be followed in order to stay clean and hygienic during the time of your menstrual cycle:

Menstrual cup/tampon
Choose the apt method of sanitation at the time of your monthly cycle. Most girls prefer using sanitary napkins to stay protected and hygienic. Choose the appropriate napkin that suits your skin and is gentle on your skin at the same time as frequent switching between brands can make you feel uncomfortable and they suit everyone differently.

Change regularly
It is utmost important to change your sanitary napkins after a certain period of time. The standard time to change your pad is once in every six hours. It might change depending on the flow as some women may require to chance pads in every two hours or so if they happen to have heavy flow. Whereas, others might have less flow who require to change if after every six hours.

Wash yourself regularly
Make sure that you wash and clean your genitals before changing into a new pad. When you menstruate the blood contents tend to get deposited at the vaginal area and therefore you are suppose to wash it off properly with water.

Do not use hard soaps and other cosmetic products
Use warm water and mild soap to clean up your private parts while your periods are going on. Soaps are not supposed to be used inside your vagina or vulva though if used in moderation it does not cause much harm.

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