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Posted on: 18-02-15
Menopause plays no role in sleep difficulties

It's a myth that menopause increase and creates difficulty in sleeping amongst women as per the university of Pennsylvania study. Only about 25 percent of women do not seem to have sleep related problems. The researchers say that these sleep woes did not appear to be caused by menopause itself, which may quell common fears about symptoms associated with this phase of life. The study is among the first to document long-term sleep patterns in women in the years before, during and after menopause.

The study assessed annually the sleep patterns of 255 women participating in the Penn Ovarian Aging Study who reached natural menopause during a 16-year period (1996-2012). At enrollment, all women were aged 35 to 48 years and premenopausal, with 28 percent reporting moderate-to-severe sleep disturbances, which is similar to the prevalence of insomnia symptoms among adults, and 56 percent reporting no sleep disturbances at all.

Over the time, for about 16 year period, about 82 percent of the total sample has experienced moderate to more serious problems with sleep, while about a little, to say 7 percent had no poor sleep. Hot flashes come along as a part of poor sleeping patterns, still a large proportion of poor sleep. Freeman says, indicates that sleep difficulties in the transition to menopause in generally healthy women should not automatically be imputed to ovarian decline.

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