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Posted on: 09-11-15
Memories make you

Life is nothing but the constant interaction with memories. Every choice we make in life, every decision we take in life, every analysis which we carry out, evolves from this interaction. So this process of interaction defines us. We will lose all our identity, dignity and efficiency as a human being at a point where this interaction fails. Alzheimer’s is a physical condition which makes a lot of trouble in this interaction between our rational sense and brain.

Life style has got vital role in Alzheimer’s. Though Alzheimer’s is a generally caused by the activity of certain genes, following a wise lifestyle can keep it away from us. Alzheimer’s is not just a health condition which affects an individual and indirectly the people around that individual. It has got a social impact also in terms of the contributions which would have there from the affected individual if he/she is in good health.

We have got some best examples in front of us. Going through the list of eminent personalities who were affected by Alzheimer’s gives us a message that the lifestyle they followed had so many flaws from a healthcare perspective. Ronal Reagan (Actor & 40th American president), Gabriel Garzia Marques (World renowned writer), Former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson etc are in the most celebrated list.

Gabriel Garzia Marquez is one of the most influential writers in the world. As Nobel laureate and an engaging writer he could have made a lot of contributions in the field of literature and there by improve the quality of thinking and life of those who reads him. He died of Alzheimer’s 2014 at the age of 87 without completing the book which he had started working on before diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He used to smoke so intensely. He followed an undisciplined life style. The man who wrote eternal narratives about memories and life ended without capable of remembering his own name.

Life style is important to stay healthy. Life style makes us more efficient. As long as we stay healthy we can make worthy contributions in personal and social life. Life should be a constant struggle of memory against forgetting.

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