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Posted on: 25-03-15
Myths and truths about male surgical sterilization

You may lose your sex drive. It is not true you will enjoy sex like you did before. The surgery won’t affect your sex drive or erections. Only different you have after the surgery is, you ejaculate semen without any sperm. Men can enjoy sex better after surgery because they don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.

This involves a sharp Knife. It is not true, with newer procedures, doctors just make a small hole in one side of the scrotum and it does not require any stitches, as well.

The surgical procedure takes lot of time. No, vasectomy just takes 15 to 30 minutes; you won’t even need to stay in the hospital. It’s a quick, safe, and simple surgery that you usually get in a doctor’s office.

Vasectomy is very painful. No, most you’ll feel is a slight tugging or pulling. You’ll be awake, but your doctor will give you medicine to numb the area.

Wearing right kind of underwear right after the operation is most important. No, Soon after the surgery, you might be swollen, bruised, or in a little pain. So, few pairs of tight briefs may require to support the scrotum. It will easy while you are recovering. You will be back to normal within a week or two.

After a vasectomy, sperm in the testis produce pain. No, when sperm cells die, your body takes them up, as happens with other dead cells. Though, the testicles make sperm after the surgery, you just won’t release them during ejaculation.

Male is more likely to get prostate cancer after vasectomy. No, it is just concern with the sperm production and its release through tube. It has nothing to do with prostate or disease associated with it.

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