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Posted on: 10-02-15
Makeup tricks for bigger eyes

An eight hour is not enough for getting those big and pretty looking eyes. But smart makeup tricks can help you have deep and appealing eyes.

1. Highlighter at rescue: Concealer acts as the ultimate savior and works as a something that works really well to highlight your eyes. Take shimmery highlighter or eyeliner and apply a small amount of it under the eyes, after you have applied your concealer. This would help lighten up the dark circles present around the eyes.

2. Shape the brows: No amount of eye make up can cover up the untamed eyebrows. Shapely eyebrows can work wonders and could very well open up your eyes.

3. Do not apply eyeliner all over: Do not apply eye liner all over the inner rim of the eyes, as it would make your eyes look smaller. Do not line the entire eyes. It's always a better option to apply eyeliner on your lower lash.

4. Try white: To make your eyes look bigger apply white eye liner to open your eyes. Even dabbing a light cream eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes will instantly open your eyes.

5. Curl your lashes: One of the simplest and easiest tricks to make your eyes wide open is by curling your lashes. Use eyelash curler and loads of mascara to it.

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