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Posted on: 08-01-15
4 Make up tricks to fake a good nights sleep

Bare eyes, that is without makeup are always preferred while you get to sleep. 'Bedroom' eyes are always found to be sexy and hot. The right eye make up tips can do wonders to wake them up and erase years in the process.

1. Define your brows
Different colors can be made in use like choosing the powder shadow the same color as your eyebrows. Apply with an angled brush with the help of an angled brush, using little strokes so that the color is not very heavy.

2. Line lids
Apply on your upper and lower lids with black or dark gray powder shadow. Using a line brush gives you with precise application. In order to lift the lids make sure that the top line is always thicker than the bottom. You could also use the remaining and left over shadow on the lower lashes too. Both lines are suppose to meet at the corners and has to blend slightly upwards.

3. Contour lids
Apply a medium shade of shadow (brown, slate, or mocha) in the outer half of the crease of your eyelid only - this helps create a wide-eyed look. Then use a white or ivory highlighting shadow on the brow bone to draw attention up and away from droopiness.

4. Finish with Mascara
For opening eyes more, curling lashes and to brush coats of black mascara on top of it.

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