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magnetic stimulation to boost memory

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Posted on: 16-09-14
Magnetic Stimulation can be used to boost memory

A study in Science suggests that elating a particular part of the brain with the help of electromagnetic pulses could exhilarate our ability to remember certain things for a longer duration of time.
The Us trials which comprised of 16 volunteers found that they have made 30% fewer mistakes in memory tests after undergoing the procedure.
Scientists are now working upon the techniques which could help people with memory loss and disorders and also helps reduce memory loss in later stage of life.

Treatment for ill health conditions such as stroke, early stage Alzheimer's disease, severe brain injury, cardiac arrest and other related memory problems that occur as your age advances or during the healthy aging time.
Memory functions of the brain in adults specifically changes at the initial stage, without conducting any major surgery or consuming drugs.

The study also demonstrates that in order to remember events, it requires a collaboration of many brain regions to function in concert with fundamental memory structure known as the hippocampus- which is similar to that of a symphony orchestra. The electrical stimulation is related to giving the brain regions a more efficient conductor so that they could play in a closer synchronization.

The whole of memory and cognition gets affected when the brain regions and hyppocampus are not in sync. Such a condition of the brain is called as schizophrenia.
The more those regions of the brain worked together due to the stimulation, the better people were able to learn new information.

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