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Posted on: 19-08-14
Lemon as a Nail Strengthener

In order to get long and healthy nails, there is a need of an enhancer which could strengthen the weak nails that tend to chip, break and peel. Constant exposure to outer environment, chemicals and excessive amount of water can weaken your nails by taking away all the moisture out. Instead of purchasing and going for an expensive nail strengthener its better to use items that are easily available in your kitchen pantry.

Two very simple steps adopted for healthy nail growth:

Step 1 : Olive oil is a great ingredient. Take 3 tbsp. Of olive oil into a small bowl. Add a bit of lemon juice. The application of lemon juice will help make your nails look whiter and brighter.

Step 2 :Place the nail strengthener in your microwave for 10 to 15 seconds, just enough to make the olive oil mixture feel warm to the touch. Remove the nail strengthener after heating and stir with a spoon.

This mixture is to be rubbed on your nails throughly. The best way to apply this could be with the use of cotton balls and then covering your hand with gloves. Ideally you should do this before getting to bed at night so that this mixture stays on your nails for a longer time.

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