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Posted on: 10-02-15
Ways to keep your kids on their feet

If your child has got his/her mind too much engrossed in computer games and finds no time for proper rest and sleep, then it's high time that you act accordingly. Overall growth and development is a must and everyday outdoor activities are suppose to be made a part of his/her schedule.

Find an activity your child enjoys
Playing strengthens a child's bones and muscles, controls weight and decreases chances of illness. This makes sure kids can fend for themselves. So, it's important to introduce them to fun outdoor activities right from the time they are young. Many child experts put stress the fact that children should start walking and parents should allow them to wobble around and walk. This encourages the kids to remain active always.

Join your kids outdoors
Generally parents tend to push their kids outdoors and ask them to play with their friends. But at the same time you could even join them while they play outdoors.

Treat the sport as a game, and not as a match
Every child might not be an athlete or have great inclination towards sports. So, when you start expecting your kid to win every game he/she plays, chances are, your child might start hating the very activity. According to a famous child development counsellor “Your son might take up cricket and your daughter might like basketball. Your child may be interested in being active, but he/she might not be inclined towards the sport. So, the moment you start looking at it as a competition, they might get discouraged and stop playing altogether”.

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