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Posted on: 09-12-14
How to keep yourself cool in traffic jam

You just cannot think of a road without a traffic jam or block, it is a pathetic condition on road networks that arises as the vehicle use increases that comprises of slower speeds, longer trip and increased vehicular queuing.

Following are certain tips that can be followed in order to keep calm when there is a block or traffic jam.

Accept the situation: It is very true that traffic will not get cleared off based completely on your wish. Just bear with the situation as getting anxious and irritated wont give out favorable consequences.

Keep cool: Do not get angry or exploded when someone accidentally cuts into your lane. You might have done this to someone in the past. It happens depending on how things work on the road. Be courteous as cursing and getting tense would only make you frustrated.

Listen to music: Always keep you favorite collection of songs compiled in your pen drive or a CD and listen to it while you get stuck in a traffic block. Or to an utmost craziness what you could really do is to turn on the volume aloud and sing along with the song when you get stuck in traffic block.

Munch on something: If you are hungry, it would cause more issues and will make you feel irritable which leads to more of stress. Keep some easy to have snacks to be eaten easily.

Call a friend: We are not advocating talking while driving, but if you are stuck and not moving, call a friend to vent your frustration. Friends can also help divert your mind from the traffic, resulting in a cooler and calmer you.

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