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Posted on: 15-09-14
Junk Food Reduces Appetite for Balanced Diet

A very new study has revealed that junk food not only makes you look fat, it would not make you feel hungry soon and thus drives people to seek a balanced form of diet.
The study has shown that over consumption of junk food can have a change on your behavior, lessens overeating and weakens self-control and eventually leads to obesity.
Consuming more of junk diet results in lasting changes in the circuit parts of brain which is responsible for making decision. Thus, disrupts the ability and quality to have a control on intake of certain kinds of foods.

A research on rats was conducted, wherein healthy rats that consumed healthy diet stopped responding to healthy evidences that were connected to a flavor which they had recently eaten or consumed.
This instinctive mechanism, which is widespread among animals, offers protection against overeating while promoting a healthy and balanced diet.
But after having a two weeks diet that included daily access to foods that had high content of sugar and other junk items such as cafeteria foods, including cookies, pie, etc and also cakes which included 150 per cent more calories, the weight of rats increased by 10 percent and there was a noticeable dramatical behavioral

But after two weeks on a diet that included daily access to cafeteria foods, including pie, dumplings, cookies, and cake-with 150 per cent more calories-the rats' weight increased by 10 per cent and their behavior changed dramatically.

Other major problems among youngsters would be faced by girls, who may view food as a terror to there slimness or guys who run behind having health and muscle building supplements.

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