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Posted on: 11-12-14
Pre-pregnancy classes are a must

Though pre-pregnancy classes are not meant for everyone who gets married, but still in many crucial circumstances some couple is subjected to pre-pregnancy counsellings. These classes become mandatory only in emergency cases, such as if the couple had undergone a miscarriage, or if one of the partners have a serious health issue. Fortunately most of the problems that arise during the pregnancy may not occur the next time. There are many important steps that a couple needs to take when planing to conceive a baby. It is very important that both partners prepare themselves both physically and emotionally for this life-enhancing event.

When should a couple attend such classes?

The below given are some of the reasons for which one should seek an appointment with a doctor for a pre-pregnancy counsellings:
1. If the woman is not getting pregnant inspite of repeated attempts.
2. If any previous history of miscarriage or stillbirths persists.
3. You or your partner was exposed to certain environmental toxins that could come in the way of conception or hamper fetal development during pregnancy.
4. In case both the partners have medical problems related to the kidneys, liver or even the heart.
5. If the expectant mother has disease like diabetes or other lifestyle health issues such as hypertension etc.
6. Problems in consumption can occur even if the mother has undergone a major surgery in the past regarding conception or pregnancy.
7. If the mother to be has fear and anxiety to deal with the pregnancy period. Or if she is ignorant regarding the changes during this time. The pre-pregnancy classes or counsellings would help the couple out in great extent.

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