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Posted on: 03-02-15
Home remedies to overcome hangover

Different people have several symptoms of a hangover and they have their own remedies. To get over the hangover completely here are some home remedies that you could follow:

1. Bananas: Having bananas are most effective remedy to cure hangovers. Bananas are high in potassium content and having excess liquor eliminates your body's supply of potassium, that can be gained back by the consumption of bananas.

2. Water: Boozing drains out whole of the water from your body that makes you feel very thirsty the day after having a great party where in you were served amazing liquors. Your body tends to get dehydrated. Have more of water in order to keep your dehydration levels at bay. Do not take any medications for treating headaches as it would worsen your internal system.

3. Honey: Honey which is rich in potassium and is also antioxidant-rich staple it has other great qualities which will help you get out of a hangover. Spread it over a piece of dry toast or have it warm water. Also as you may not feel like eating much, add a little extra honey to your toast as this is a great combo to combat hangover.

4. Fresh juices: Your body is much drained of it's essential nutrients. Along with having some water have fresh orange juice as it fulfills the need of vitamin C. Pineapple or mangoes are best to restore your health. Always make sure that you have it slowly.

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