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Posted on: 11-11-14
Reverse innovation and mHealth incredibly shrink the pacemaker

Reverse innovation by medical device innovators have been keen on producing complicated and costlier devices simple, by stripping down the cost to make it affordable to common people.
Medtronic’s had come out with a mini-pacemaker, which is as small as a vitamin capsule. Currently, pacemaker is placed inside the chest by creating a pocket on the upper part of the chest and the leads are connected into the heart through blood vessels. This is a complicated surgical procedure and Require skill and practice. It is also expensive that a common man cannot afford.
New incredible mini-pacemaker is very easy to implant. It's a leadless pacemaker, inserted through the femoral vein in the leg up to the heart with the help of a catheter. Once it reached the heart, it fixes itself and begin to work inside the heart. This eliminates the complicated surgical procedure. The most interesting feature of this device is, it has no leads and it does not require surgery, hence the risk for the patient is very less with mini-pacemaker and above all, a specialist skilled surgeon is also not required.
Benefits of this pace-maker are beyond this. It can be connected and controlled via smart phones. This mini-pacemaker’s telemetry helps health care professionals to control the device and monitor patients, using a standard programmer. It has a battery life of seven-year, a memory, data can be retrieved and it can be reprogrammed.

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