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Posted on: 11-11-14
Look younger with thicker brows

1. Grow it out
To get that desired young look you must let you eyebrows grow completely. Do not pluck, thread or brush your eyebrows. Let the strays remain there itself, because what you feel are strays could prove important for salon professionals.

2. Oil well
Castor oil is great for hair growth. Before getting to sleep, make sure that you apply a little bit of castor oil along with vitamin E oil with the help of a brush on your scant eyebrows. This technique would help grow your brows leading the way to a fuller look.

3. Fill it in
With the help of a brow brush that has some grey or dark brown eye shadow could be used to fill the scant brows. If you intend to use an eyebrow pencil, avoid drawing dark lines, instead draw small strokes with the eyebrow pencil. Dark black pencil or eye-shadow looks unnatural and unsightly, so avoid it.

4. Use a brow mascara
A brow mascara is a secret weapon that would give your brows a well-groomed finish. 'Sweep it on if you want to give a highlighted look in order to give it a different hue.

5. Care for your scalp and skin
If your skin and scalp are not healthy, it will reflect on your eyebrows too. They could appear thinner. So, eat a well balanced diet. Make sure your scalp is dandruff-free and your skin healthy.

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