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Posted on: 14-01-15
4 Ways to expand your friends circle

It's really tough to stay alone and lacking good companions is damaging your health and it is equal to smoking about 15 cigarettes a day. Friends and mates lower your stress levels and tension, and serve a hundred other important functions as well. So, how you actually go about making a new friend:

1. Ask for refferals: You would gain more improved relationships when you are introduced to new people by your already existing friends and colleagues. Maybe one of your current friend's get together along with some co-workers once in a while will help you gain more friendly relationships.

2. Find a new community: Good relationships and friendship tend to form around shared experiences, similar interests or both. Make a list of your hobbies. Music, Sports, Movies etc and whatever you’re passionate about and also find some type of gathering that revolves around those interests. You could thus form a community based on these interests.

3. Put in the work: A friendship grows faster only when you give it more exposure because it is highly impossible to form a bond when you just met someone once or twice. You should not try to hitch on a new buddy until you have chatted or spoke to him for a while.

4. Ask questions and be prepared for the answers: Make more fruitful conversations with your friend. As interactions alone would help you gain answers to most of your queries. Ask more questions in order to get more answers or get to know what he or she is up to and hope for areas of overlapping interest.

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