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Posted on: 18-11-14
How to be happy

Is your life passing you by? Are you very much focused on your goals and dreams that you forget to enjoy every day to the fullest and are happy with what you have right now. Enjoy each moment of your journey and life and strive for attaining the goals at the same time.

1. Stay happy- the dilemma
Most often we forget about today and focus much on our dreams and desires. But the fact is, only if we work in the present and strive for achieving the best we would turn out successful in future. After all, the pleasure of taking a journey is not in arriving at the final destination, but in enjoying everything along the way.

2. The good news and the bad
Huge materialistic things like a huge house that you desire for, a car that costs as much as the house, a huge flat screen television and all those wonderful things you are planning for will make you happy for the time being. You work hard all your lives and possess every such material thing you could ever want. But somewhere you still lack and a kind of dissatisfaction within you echoes with emptiness.

3. Develop a happiness habit
Replacing the unhappiness and producing habits with happiness is all about staying ‘HAPPY’. Changing your thinking and attitude is always the initial step. You must drive off the thoughts that lead to dissatisfaction and discouragement. Replace all negative thoughts such as fear, anger, depression, worry, etc. Everyday decide that you would end up doing something good today and imagine yourself actually doing so when you begin the day. If you hope for the best you would get the best.

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