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Posted on: 18-12-14
Ways to avoid wasting beauty products

Many a times, you would find your half finished beauty products lying in your bag or elsewhere even before you finish using it completely. Here are some few tips that would help you make maximum use out of a these products

Finish before buying new products
Make use the products by using it until they are completely empty. For example, in the case of a left out moisturizer. Try squeezing the tube until there is nothing left in the tube.

Stop yourself from impulse purchases
The only reason why your old products finds its way behind the new ones is because more often than not, women tend to buy beauty products simply on an impulse. If you already have a shade of red lipstick, wait for it to get over and then get another one of the same shade, rather than accumulating six lipsticks of the same colour scheme.

Try out samples before you buy
You can very well get rid of a skin rash or any kind of skin inflammation by trying out samples of different products and ending up on a final purchase. After using it you would realize that you do not like the colour or quality of the product.

Go for small-sized products
When it comes to opting for a beauty product, go for some small sized products such as lipstick, mascara and lip liner and those that have a considerably smaller size. For example, if you want to buy an eye shadow, instead of picking an entire palette, try a palette of one or two shades that will be easier for you to finish.

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