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Posted on: 03-02-15
How to avoid frizzy hair in the winter

We often miss to take good care of your hair during winters, as you will be stuck up with stocking up on woolen cloths and trying not to freeze too much. Static in hair is incredibly annoying. Getting rid of static electricity can be just as annoying. If you have kids and it's winter time, you're probably fighting a battle royal with static and contemplating if having hair is even worth the hassle. But a common complaint is hair going frizzy and dry during the cold, so here are some tips to keep in mind.

Use humidifiers: It's really tempting to leave the heater in your room all day long. But this could actually damage your hair and also skin to some extent. Keep a humidifier ready, that would always help your body to retain moisture that it needs.

Eat right: While it's important to use the right shampoos and conditioners, what will really keep your hair healthy is eating right. Make sure to include fish, beans, nuts and dark, leafy vegetables in your meals.

Shampoo less: Chemicals make your hair dry and dull. Though shampooing keeps your hair clean limit it's usage to minimal for example twice a week.

Shorter showers: While its tempting to have long, warm baths in the winter, hot water tends to dry out the natural oil of the scalp which protects the hair. Try to keep your showers short and if you can, avoid using extremely hot water.

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