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Posted on: 19-11-14
5 tips to avoid excessive sweating

Summer is round corners in full swing and there seems to be no fun in excessive sweating. Though it is important to perspire as it's a natural phenomenon that occurs in your body. But if it happens in excess the condition becomes embarrassing and problematic. There is a chance for you to develop a medical condition called 'hyperhidrosis' if at all you suffer from unusual and excessive sweating.

1. Proper clothing: To beat the scorching heat it is very important to wear proper clothes and attire. Try wearing brighter shades of clothes as they absorb heat more. These clothes that are more comfortable to carry off would be natural fiber clothing.

2. Deodorants and soaps: In order to beat odour that arises due to sweating is a daunting task. Deodorants and perfumes that has got strong fragrance can be used that will stay for longer hours. An antibacterial soap can also be used to remove sweat and bacteria.

3. Say no to spicy food: When you consume more of spicy food it would savour your taste buds and would make certain fluids ooze out that would stimulate your sweat glands that leads you to perspire more.

4. Bath with normal water: Take bath with cold water rather than hot water to keep yourself cool. Hot water bathing may elevate and aggravate the condition of over sweating and perspiration.

5. Avoid stress: Sweat is also produced in ones body due to anxiety that draws a great impact on the way how you perspire.

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