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Posted on: 20-11-14
How to Boost Your Creativity

Relax your mind
If you are stressed, you are less likely to come up with new ideas. Make a conscious effort to relax your mind by practicing yoga, meditation, or other relaxation techniques.

Stay fit
Exercise and a healthy diet will keep your body and mind in better shape. It is crucial that you get enough sleep every night.

Read more books
Reading helps you learn more, and learning sparks your creativity. Read up on ideas and subjects that interest you, and try to read about a few issues that don’t interest you as well. Reading spurs your imagination and improves your reasoning and creative thinking.

Exercise your mind
Like your body, your brain gets out of shape if you don’t use it regularly. Apart from reading, start doing activities like mental maths, or puzzle solving. Try to interact with creative people and discuss ideas with them. A good argument or debate can really get your juices flowing.

Restrict amusement
While you can take some time out for amusement, make sure that you are not using it to replace your creativity. Television should be especially avoided, because it is a passive form of amusement that doesn’t require any creativity.

Open your mind
Try to opening your mind in order to come up with new ones. Unexplored areas can seem daunting, but don’t let that thwart you. Stepping out of your comfort zone will help you generate new thoughts and ideas.

Allow curiosity
Feed your curiosity by learning new things, trying new experiences and asking questions about things you don’t understand.

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