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Posted on: 10-11-14
Home remedies to treat high blood pressure

Blood pressure is calculated or determined by the amount of blood that your heart pumps and the resistance to blood flow in your arteries.
High blood pressure is a fatal condition that can cause heart attacks, strokes, heart disease, organ failure and death if not checked and treated on time. There are many things stored in your kitchen cabinets that would help you to lower the same problem.

Red vs White
red meat will increase and spike your blood pressure whereas, fish and chicken lowers the blood pressure. Try consuming clubbing chicken or fish along with vegetables and then you are sorted.

Garlic is a key ingredient of the Indian diet and many cuisines around the world. This natural medicine helps in lowering cholesterol and also keeps your blood pressure in check.

Onion and Honey
A quick tip to lower your blood pressure is to take a tbsp of onion juice in a cup and add two tbsp of honey. Have this concoction every day.

Blend a carrot and spinach to get a tall glass of juice. Drink this twice a day to lower your blood pressure.

Beet root
This beautiful vegetable juice is a great way to lower your blood pressure. Drink it twice a day.

Curry leaves
Curry leaves are a natural source that battles various illnesses. In a vessel add drinking water and 4-5 curry leaves, cool it and use it for daily drinking.

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