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Posted on: 10-10-14
How to hide dark circles with make-up

Dark circles may appear almost in all delicate areas of skin and body especially around the eyes. The area around the skin always looks dulls when dark circles appear. It is very easy to develop a dark patch or circle on your skin but very difficult to get rid of it.

Here are a few tips to hide those marks.
Make up helps highlight your best facial features and also helps hiding all the blemishes and marks on your skin. There is also a formation of dark circles and eye bags around the eye. Here are some few tips by which you could conceal these darker areas of skin.

Use a concealer:Choose a concealer that best suits your skin tone and apply it on the darker areas by blending it well with your skin tone. Always go for one that corresponds well with your skin type.

Apply a mousse or foundation: Now after the application of concealer, use a light weight mousse or a compact powder. Always use a brush to dust a little amount of powder beneath your eyes. With the help of your finger try to blend it well. If you feel the area has become made up, wipe the extra make up with the help of a tissue.

Apply heavy eye make-up: Put a thick layer of eye-liner on both the upper and lower lids. Also put a colored eye shadow. To highlight it even more, apply mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

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