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Posted on: 07-10-14

Heat stroke is otherwise called as sunstroke or thermic fever. It happens when the body's mechanism fails in controlling temperature fails. At severe cases it requires emergency treatment as many people tend to fail and faint when the heat wave strikes.
It can damage the brain cells and also hamper the proper functioning of other internal organs.
Youngsters usually fall prey to heat strokes. It also takes a toll on fit and healthy young athletes too. It could randomly affect anybody even if that person has no previous history and signs of heat injury.

When to visit a doctor?
If a person has undergone heatstroke, try to get him/her immediate medical help. Also provide him with emergency cooling actions like misting him with cool water, placing ice packs on his head, armpits, groin etc.
Remove all the extra clothing on his body and get the person into a shade or indoors. Always stay heat protected.

Heatstroke can occur as a result of:
There are two types of heatstrokes namely External and Non-external(classic). In non-external sunstroke, if one is exposed to the sun, the body temperature rises up. It strikes usually at point of time when a person is exposed a hot cum humid whether for a prolonged period or continuously for 2-3 days. Older adults and people having illness are more prone to sun stroke.
The second type of heat stroke is called as external stroke. Which occurs when someone does a lot of physical activity or strenuous exercise. Anybody who exercises or works in hot weather have the chances of getting external heatstroke

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