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Posted on: 28-11-14
Healthy soups for winter

With winter whetting your appetite, food usually becomes the centre of attention. When the ambient temperature drops, the body generates heat by increasing it's basal metabolic rate in order to keep up the body temperature.

There are two ways in which this metabolic feat is achieved by increasing the breakdown of the body's stored fat, and by providing the body more fuel to burn in the form of food. Thus, in cold weather, the feeding centre is stimulated, increasing the food intake.

Another important reason for a noted increase in hunger is a marked drop in water intake during colder days. When the temperature is low, you do not really feel the need to drink more often, as you don't feel thirsty again and again. As the fluid intake reduces, you tend to confuse thirst with hunger, which leads to increased consumption of food and thus bigger appetite.

So, focus on keeping the fluid intake constant throughout the year, not just in summer. Less hydration has many disadvantages. It is the underlying reason for cold sores, dry and flaky skin, itching, cracked lips and lackluster hair. If gulping down glasses of water doesn't appeal to you, try increasing the intake of other fluids like milk, juices and caffeine-free tea, like jasmine and other such natural flower extracts. Do remember that caffeinated beverages are never counted as liquid intake, instead they sap your system of water.

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