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Posted on: 31-01-15
Healthy snacks you can keep at your work station

Many times you might be too much into losing weight, but due to circumstances you might be forced to spend more time in front of the computer. Keep yourself away from chips packets, desserts and other such oily items for other healthy options such as:

Sprouted salad
Sprouts are the best snack options that you could keep at your desk always. Boil sprouts and a little a bit of both salt and pepper to keep your hunger away.

Oats biscuits
Oats biscuits are healthy and nutritious too. Oats have very low calories and you can depend on these biscuits without any guilt. You could have it at any point of time such as when you are running out of energy or during tea-break etc.

Always carry some fresh fruits with you. A bowl of oranges or apples not just gives you a healthy snacking pattern but also keeps your tummy filled.

Boiled egg
We've heard so much about the nutritional benefits of a boiled egg. Then, why not pack them for work too? A high-on-protein snack, carry boiled eggs separately or mix them along with a salad of your choice.

Nuts are a good mid-morning snack when you are at work. A mix of nuts, badams, dates, dry grapes and cashews always tend to give more nutritious effect to your overall health. A minimal quantity of nuts help in weight loss and also helps fill your stomach at the same time.

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