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Posted on: 26-11-14
Go on a blissful spiritual holiday

Life in city, vacations can also be tiring. The need for a break persists even after taking one, with the mind and body getting no respite. The modern mind is looking for peace and calm. A holiday, unless mixed with some healing and rejuvenating modalities, seems incomplete.

Soul revival and Pure food
Even a quick visit to a monastery be calming, imagine spending quiet moments with the vibrations of 1,300 monks chanting and meditating daily. This truly enlightens your whole and soul from within. Meditation becomes effortless around these power spots.
Rather than reducing stress, many breaks can actually increase stress. Too much drinking and eating out on a holiday adds to the toxic levels in the body. It makes far more sense to opt for a healthy holiday with only locally-grown, organic food and Ayurvedic cooking as food options, as per some eminent health experts. Combine yoga and meditation with soul food along your travel ventures it would definitely help boost your energy levels.

Practicing yoga, pranayams and meditation does wonders to you stiff shoulders. Many healthcare institutes and places have talented staff of doctors from ayurveda, homeopathy, allopathy and naturopathy descilpines and provides specialized vacations like diabetes illness management, health monitoring for senior citizens and even fertility enhancement for young couples.

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