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Posted on: 28-01-15
4 Tips to have a happy life

Life has lots of twists, turns, it's basically a game that we all participate in. There are many secrets to our lives that we always keep under wraps. But most among them are mostly available if you actually seek it out.

1. Memorize something daily
Try learning something new daily which sharpens your brain helps it to become sharper and also try having a big library that has quotes to come out with at any point of time. Some of the very known options could be philosophies, poetries and great sayings.

2. Its better to reduce your attachment to possessions
People who have high dependency and desire about their belongings and property will have a lot of trouble when they are separated from them or these things are being lost through some way. If you try to reduce your intense desire for something and become a person of minimal needs, your life would turn out to be more cheerful.

3. Focus more on the present
Past is always unchangeable and whatever has happened will never change. So it's mere wastage of time and money to ponder upon past thoughts every now and then. The future is nothing but a result of all your deeds today.

4. Smile more often
Keep smiling at all the occasions possible. As, it is the natural way to keep yourself happy and content. Many of join yoga and other fitness centers where we even practice laughing out louder. This particular exercise is said to enhance and increase you life term. It is a very powerful tool that is utilized less and less as we grow older and need happiness more than ever.

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