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Posted on: 09-10-14
Great Leadership Skills : Become an Enabler of Success

Everyone wants to be successful in their jobs. The main role of a leader is to enable his/her team members to move towards success. Do you enable you subordinates or followers to be successful, excel and grow.
Given below are guidelines that successful leaders make in practice to enable others to succeed.
1. to become a starter or enabler, leaders must have an inbuilt culture based on developing individual's skills, knowledge and experiences. Regular training and coaching has to be provided to the team mates to help them grow and succeed. Feedbacks alone during employee reviews are not suppose to be made.

2.Developing a healthy relationship with the employees is the main factor behind emerging as a team leader. Everyone dreams for a better and improved tomorrow, so give them hope and work toward accomplishing it. People are of different kind with respect to nature, behavior, perspective towards life etc. They might be selfish, might have emotional laws so try to speak to their needs and encourage them towards leading a happy life.

3.As a leader you must be willing and capable of engaging and empowering people. Enabling leaders create an atmosphere that says, “I’m interested in your ideas and what you have to say.”Creating or forming an open atmosphere for people to be heard, is the major step to be taken in order to empower your followers.

4.To become an enabler, you must show the way by modeling the right behavior. To become the right role model, you must be very visible and accessible.

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