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Posted on: 30-12-14
Ghee can help you lose weight

Ghee or clarified butter was an integral part of traditional Indian cuisine. However, in recent times, ‘health-conscious’ people think that adding ghee to their food is an unhealthy practice and hence, try to avoid it. Here are some eye-opening facts which will make you change your mind:

Ghee contains conjugated linolenic acid, a type of omega-6 fatty acids, which when consumed daily not only aids in weight loss but also protects you from cancer. This fatty acid plays a key role in improving lean body mass along with reducing body fat thereby aiding in effective weight management.

Ghee is packed with essential amino acids which help in mobilizing the fat and allowing the fat cells to shrink in size. So, if you think your body is accumulating fat quickly, consider adding ghee to your weight loss diet plan.

How much is too much?
Anything that is consumed in excess is not good for health the same is the case with ghee also. A maximum of 2 teaspoons of ghee has to be consumed on a daily basis. Some ghee mixtures can be stored for up to 100 years. They do not get spoil easily so has a long shelf life. It has also got a buttery taste that does not cause major allergies.

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