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Posted on: 29-11-14
Foods you shouldnt eat daily

There are several possible mistakes that we commit with respect to the daily intake of food. Weight loss, weight management, etc becomes very difficult and slower than the normal pace at which it happens generally.

1. Glass of milk: Milk badly hinders your health and progress. Keep gap between the periods of consuming milk for example if you had one glass in the morning make sure that you do not have it the very day once again. If at all you feel that it makes a difference and makes you feel less sluggish, helping you lose weight and making your skin glow. This might prove to be the ultimate solution for all your dietary problems.

2.Heavy carbohydrates for your evening snack: Do not munch on oily food items and heavy snacks such as burgers, pizzas, etc. instead carry something that has healthy proteins and fats like nuts, with you so that you do not succumb to hunger.

3. Potatoes: Potatoes are one such vegetable that would definitely make you gain weight over time. They are also added in to improve the consistency and flavour.

4. So called 'healthy snacks': All of the so called healthy snacks, should be substituted with real nutritious food. Many people eat these unaccounted, thinking they are healthy and will not make a big difference to their health and weight. This is a misconception and you are better off without these highly processed snacks.

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