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Flour can cause Asthma

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Posted on: 11-09-14
Flour can cause Asthma

Inhalation of flour can be one of the main reasons behind occupational asthma, closely followed by cleaning products, as per some German researchers. A large scale research was conducted in France, which was aimed to understand who all were most influenced and affected by such a condition and what were the main causes behind it.

Some most common symptoms of asthma are coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and tightness across chest. Some of the most common triggers which worsen asthma are colds and flu viruses, cigarette smoke, dust, pollen and animal hair and fur. Asthma can start at any point of time in life or it can arise even as a result hereditary conditions. A person's lifestyle and environment can also result in occupational asthma.

Flour was identified as the main factor or cause behind, seen in almost 20 percent of cases. It is followed by ammonium compounds which are found in abundance in cleaning products. Explained lead study author and Professor Frederic De Blay from the University Hospital Strasbourg. Women had more chances of developing occupational asthma when compared to men.

People who worked in agricultural industries had comparatively less incidence of getting occupational asthma than those who worked in manufacturing industries of food products and beverages. If a person gets asthma at a very later stage in life, then it might have been developed by something in the surroundings or environment rather than a result of a hereditary factor or condition.

'The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations or COSHH protects all workers from exposure to chemicals and other substances in workplace.

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