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Posted on: 31-03-15
5 Secrets men want you to know

Men prefer to talk about feelings
Psychologists say, it might be simpler for your man to discuss emotions indirectly. Ask what he would be doing during the weekend. On the other hand what he thought the first occasion when he met you. His reply will uncover what and how he feels and bring you closer.

Men show affection with actions
Some men like to demonstrate their sentiments through activities rather to words. Your man may show his affection by settling things around the house, cleaning up the yard, or actually taking out the waste - anything that improves your reality a spot.

Men are serious with the relationship
Men have notoriety for being reluctant to submit. However, it is evident that, men consider marriage important. They may take more time to submit in light of the fact that, they need to verify they are installed for good. In an overview of presently wedded men, 90% of them say they would wed the same lady once more.

Silent listener
Most of the men do not say “yes" or "I see while you speak”. A man being silent does not mean that he is not listening to you. He probably would be think about what you are saying and listening you silently.

Prefer to strengthen relationship with activities
Men reinforce their associations with their accomplices through doing things together, more than by offering feelings and thoughts. Most of the guys, activities like sports and sex bring the partner very close.

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