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Posted on: 25-11-14
Some terrible things that might happen if you eat too much of sugar

Majority of us commit mistakes by having too much of sugar in our diet. Knowingly or unknowingly a lot of us prefer having more of sugar in sugary food items.

1. Consumption of a lot of sugar will lead to gaining of unwanted calories and extra weight. The chances of developing diabetes also gets elevated. You can decrease the level of sugar intake by figuring out all the related areas where sugar becomes a part of your diet.

2. Sugar is the real enemy to dental health that is why a study states that sugar is named as the 'arch criminal' behind the formation of cavities in your teeth. Tooth decay usually occurs when the bacteria that is present on teeth feed on simple sugars, that creates acids which has the capacity to destroy the tooth enamel.

3. Sugary foods are full of calories but will do little to satisfy your hunger. The intake of sugar is always associated with the changes in the body weight in adults. More intake of sugar may become a causative factor for obesity.

4. Having lots of sugar in the form of desserts will also lead to high blood pressure in many a cases. Usually it arises with high intake of salt but sugary food items would also lead to this disease condition.

5. Do not include too much of sugar in your breakfast cereals, as they usually have low sugar content. Plain cereals and other porridges are the best and the most healthiest foods that you could have.

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