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Posted on: 08-12-14
Become an efficient leader

A recent study has found that after providing a training session of a mere 15 weeks, people gained ability to lead, skills and the motivation to lead. There were much change in attitude of people who were initially unwilling to take up actions in order to become a leader.

1. Leadership is about vision
it is all about having an original attitude or perspective to the things around. People who have an understanding and interpretation of things around would automatically be able distinguish himself from others.

2. Encourage Creativity
In order to attain creativity and more efficiency in their tasks followers need to encouraged to express their creativity. One best way to inculcate creativity is to offer challenging work and tasks to your group members always keeping in mind that the given tasks are under their capability, within the grasp of their abilities.

3. Listen and communicate effectively
A transformational leadership always requires one-on-one communication that has to be carried out between the group members and the leader. It's the responsibility of a good leader to express sincere care and concern towards each member present in his/her group.

4. Have a positive attitude
It is said that a smile could do wonders, transformational leaders should always have an optimistic and positive attitude towards everything they do.

5. Encourage people to make contributions
Let each member of your group know that you whole heartedly welcome their ideas. While they retain the final say over all decisions, they encourage team members to take an active role in coming up with ideas and plans.

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