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Posted on: 04-05-15
5 myths about sex

Frequency of sex by a couple in a year
As indicated in a Research, the normal a couple engages in sexual act in an average of 66 times each year. In rare cases some may reach more than hundred to hundred and ten times a year. The normal number drops to seventy times each year for forty years of age and 52 times each year for individuals in their fifties.

Difference in sex drives in men and women
Specialists say female’s sexual slants are more jumbled than men. Men are extremely inflexible and particular about whom they get to be stimulated by, ladies have less-coordinated sex drives. Specialists say ladies are more inclined to call themselves swinger and that their sex drives by and large are more like fluid and can be all the more vigorously impacted by social culture.

Normal length of an erect penis
Normally erected penis length is somewhere around five and six inches. At the point when flaccid penis size midpoints around three and half inch inches.

Female are more inclined for reaching to climax through oral sex
Just ten percent of men reported an inclination for oral sex to accomplish climax while eighteen percent of ladies reported that inclination. Men are more inclined to achieve climax when sex incorporates vaginal intercourse, yet ladies are more prone to achieve climax when they participate in a mixture of sex acts that incorporate vaginal intercourse or oral sex.

Anxiety can make penis get smaller
One more purpose behind men to keep away from anxiety: It can shrink your penis if incidentally. A man's limp penis changes in size impressively in light of different natural elements and their consequences for the thoughtful sensory system. Cool water and chilly air are may be the best known reasons for this shrinkage, yet mental anxiety can do likewise.

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