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Posted on: 27-11-14
Seasonal Beauty must haves

You should have a beauty regime for every season that could help protect your skin from the changes and fluctuations that take place in weather. If you do not take proper care, your skin may become dry and parched.

1. Sunscreen is a must: As the change in season occurs, your body and skin find it difficult to adapt the prevailing changes in weather and when you step outside your house in the morning, it may result in darkening and tanning. Always make sure that you apply a light SPF based sunscreen for at least 20 minutes before you step out of your house that suits your skin type.

2. Use a moisturizing cream: Option for using a moisturizing face wash that would would keep your skin stay smooth and soft even after washing it off. You could very well use it once or twice during the day depending on the number of times you wash you face.

3. Carry a hydrating lip balm: Your lips have the most delicate skin pattern and as the weather changes you lips tend to become dry and are more prone to cracks. Apply a lip balm before applying lipstick.

4. Use an under eye cream: An under eye cream or gel proves to be beneficial to keep dark circles at bay. Before you retire for the night, wash your face with a moisturizing face wash and dry your face completely. Apply the eye cream under your eyes and gently blend it in.

5. A night cream would work wonders: Night creams and other moisturizers work more effectively during night. Your face tends to heal at night.

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