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Posted on: 13-11-14
Secret to your weight loss lies in the kitchen

Eating healthier is what we all wish to do. Our kitchen is mostly comprised of snacks and junk foods which makes it harder to eat healthy. But there are several ways by which we can make our homes more conductive to better eating.

Clear your counters: Foods that are easily available draws a constant reminder of its availability. Do not keep a prominent place for such food items that brings out more tendency in you to grab and eat it.

Buy a fruit bowl: It's very important to make sure about the fact the visible fruits and vegetables are the ones that does not invite flies to sit on them. Store fruits in a dry and neat place to protect it from getting spoilt.

Get see-through jars: Limit calorie-dense foods like fats and proteins. Make fruits and vegetables completely available in whatever quantity people want. Keep the fruits and vegetables in closed jars if cut and stored in refrigerator.

Add non-food accessories to your kitchen: Cooking at home is very important and it would turn out to be a healthy cooking if it is done in your cooking space or kitchen. The kitchen counters should be kept free of bags, books and other related papers.

Get smaller plates and taller, narrower glasses: A recent research suggested how we decide what to eat and how to eat depends on the plate and portion size.Larger plates lead to eating larger portions - people tend to finish what they put on their plate.

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