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Posted on: 09-01-15
Reasons to have sex right now

A healthy sex life always provides you with mental, psychological and emotional health but it can also help you keep away from certain diseases and ailments too. Proper indulgence in sexual activities provides you with pleasure and mental satisfaction.

1. It can beat a migraine: Do not stay away from having sex from your partner just because you have headache. It is not a complete cure for migraine but the endorphins that are released while having sex relieves pain naturally.

2. It reduces your prostate cancer risk: Frequent sexual activities can keep the chances of developing cancer in men at bay. A study that was conducted by the National Cancer Institute revealed that when men ejaculate 21 times a month can reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer.

3. It protects against high BP: Sexual acts and behavior have a greater effect on humans. Sexual intercourse helps you gain better stress combat ability and it eventually reduces blood pressure.

4. Protects against heart ailments: In order to prevent a heart attack or to improve your heart beat all you need to get indulged in is by enjoying and having sex. Men who had sex at least for twice a week has comparatively lesser chances of getting heart disease than those who didn't.

5. It strengthens your pelvic muscles and improves bladder control: Women who face the embarrassing problem of leaking bladder or incontinence can actually take advantage of sexual intercourse as a good workout for their pelvic floor muscles.

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