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Posted on: 21-10-14
Why fitness is better than weight loss

While every form of fitness does involve weight loss, all weight loss pattern does not involve fitness. There are many unhealthy ways available to loose weight such as by following a crash dieting, over-exercising, having weight loss pills and other such related things.
Unhealthy weight loss involves loosing mostly the muscle mass and little bit of extra fats. Weight loss is all about losing the extra weight that has been got accumulated in your body. Whereas fitness is all about healthy living and longevity.

Importance of Fitness: To the Respiratory and Circulatory system
The most easiest way to get along with the effect of fitness is to see as what your body needs to live a long, ailment-free, healthy life. Heart is an organ that pumps blood and oxygen throughout the body. Regular exercise pattern helps your heart attain proper blood circulation. Thus benefiting both your heart and lungs.

Importance of Fitness: To the Digestive system
When we are left bloated or constipated, we go for a healthy diet to relieve us from all sorts of discomfort. A regular course of work out and exercise would avoid all digestion related problems.

Importance of Fitness: To the Cardiovascular system
Pursuing fitness regimes is one of the best methods to achieve a better cardiovascular health. Your cardiovascular system functions more effectively when you are physically and mentally fit.

Importance of Fitness: To the Nervous system
Our nervous system consists of brain and spinal chord. Physical activity makes your brain sharp and alert. Mental health is essential for continuing a healthy life.

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