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Posted on: 15-11-14
Exercise regularly if you want a healthier brain

A recent study has revealed that whether it's strength training, high-intensity cardio activity such as working out activities, power aerobics or even performing simple activities at home. Any type of activities that is structured aims at improving motor skills and other related executive functions. It has been revealed that staying physically active can make you stay mentally active at any age.

Activities that you should indulge in
Activities such as some cardio activities can be practiced. Many fitness experts say that physical activities such as aerobics, walking, jogging, cycling, rope skipping, swimming are some activities that could be carried out three to four days every week.

Include yoga in your daily regime
It is always advised to combine both active cardio activities with yoga asanas. Most fitness experts suggest that when you are completely fit both physically and mentally. Along with this strenuous activities, it is important to have proper rest too. So, take a rest day every week.

Simple workouts at home
Daily household chores can keep you on your toes. Experts say that when we spend 30 minutes climbing stairs, we burn around 285 calories, which is same as around 20 minutes of skipping rope.

Findings of the study
In order to feel mentally and physically alert at any stage. The researchers also came out with the findings that gross motor skills can also improve executive functions, which declines as the age advances.

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