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Posted on: 18-11-14
Essential foods for working women

The nutrient requirements of working women is different than that of non-working women. They spend most of their time handling work at work place, with family, kids, travelling, meeting the deadlines etc. So eating well and maintaining a proper diet pattern is very essential.

According to a study conducted by WHO, nearly 1.62 billion people affected by anemia are women and young children. Women especially are more likely to suffer from the condition. So, in order to stay fit and manage all your responsibilities well, dear women, taking care of your health comes first.

Here is what you should eat:
Spinach: It is an a good source of vitamins, antioxidants and dietary fibers that helps fight against anaemia. Other such similar leafy vegetables that has abundance of antioxidants and Vitamin C content.

Eggs: Eggs are considered to be the best source of protein. Egg white has essence of riboflavin, vitamin B2 are vital for proper, normal cell functioning, growth and energy production.

Nuts: Nuts are encumbered with essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and dietary fibers that are required for healthy body cum mind. Eating a handful of nuts every day can reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

Fatty fish: Consumption of fish such as salmon, trout and mackerel once a week can help cure anemia.

Water: Drinking ample amount of water is a must to have a hydrated body. So it is advisable to have at least 8 glasses of water everyday to keep diseases at bay.

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