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energy drinks side effects

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Posted on: 29-10-14
Energy Drinks and their side-effects

An energy is a form of beverage that contains stimulant drugs mainly caffeine which is marketed as the ones that provide mental and physical strength and stimulation. They may or may not be carbonated and hence, many of them contains extra added sugar, sweeteners, herbal extracts and amino acids as well. Amino acids are also known as the subset or smaller versions of energy products, which also consists of bars, gels that are different and distinct from other forms of sports drink which is made in use for advertising purpose.

Energy drinks are available in many forms and varieties and forms that vitamins and other chemicals which boosts up your energy for a little while or very short span of time. They are available in market as other drinks but can prove to be dangerous because of the ingredients present in it.

The main disadvantages of having energy drink in excess are that you may become addicted to it and addiction of anything is said to be harmful.

1 Any energy drink should be consumed in moderation as it is powerful enough to affect your system and the whole functioning of body.

2 Ingredients being used in these drinks can have a bad effect on your heartbeat and blood pressure.

3 Do not try to make energy drink as an alternative to the total quantity of water being lost from your body. You should opt for having something natural while you exercise.

4 Always make sure that you do not combine energy drinks with alcohol because energy drink is believed to be a stimulant whereas alcohol is a depressant.

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