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Posted on: 17-12-14
Imbibing better food habits among kids

It seems to be very difficult to make your child eat wholesome food. Being a parent and taking care of your child's nutritional needs seems to be a tough job. But inculcating certain traditional and ayurvedic knowledge would help you conquer these difficulties.

Catch them young
For a growing child, the first 21 years of his life is very crucial. Making your child eat the most healthiest food is one of the most important tasks of parents. A child who grows up eating the living energy of vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds and fruit, develops a strong and balanced immune function. Some serious digestive issues could be tackled by incorporating all possible health enhancing food items in diet.

Smart packaging
Researchers have claimed that by feeding your child good food over a long period of time, the child himself would crave for healthier foods. So never say or oppose to the food they crave for. When a child's tongue is coated with something that is as sweet as white sugar, it becomes highly impossible for the kids to enjoy the natural sweetness that is contained in vegetables.

Alternative Therapies
Yogic and alternative techniques suggest that brown rice improves the functioning of brain. The brain carries off better functions when the child eats healthy food. Similarly, any food that makes the blood sugar spike and crash quickly affects the steadiness of the whole brain and body. These foods give quick energy which leaves the give quick energy w child chaotic and exhausted.

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