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Posted on: 23-02-15
Tips to eat smart at work

Getting a good night's sleep and following a healthy work out pattern plays an important role in giving a boost to the overall productivity at work. Follow these very simple steps to become your best productive at work.

1. Say no to junk foods
Having junk food is a quick way to lose your alertness at work. Foods that are rich in trans and saturated fats will make you feel lazy and sluggish. Try eating healthy at work. Eat handful of nuts, fresh fruits or a salad (when you are hungry) if you want to stay sharp during working hours.

2. Go slow on caffeine
Having too much of coffee at during working hours can actually hamper your productivity at work. Consumption of too much of caffeine at once will definitely give you an energy boost. To remain active for the whole day, switch over to green or herbal tea.

3. Start your day with a healthy breakfast
If you want to keep your energy levels up at work all throughout the day you should start your day with a healthy breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast ensures that your body moves out of its sleep-friendly energy-conserving state and gets into its wakeful daytime phase resulting in productivity.

4. Hydrate yourself
Most of us work in an air-conditioned environment. That is the reason why we do not feel like having water. But that is the biggest mistake you could ever commit. Not only drinking enough water help your body remain healthy but at the same time boosts your energy level. So keep on drinking water throughout the day as it will surely hold you in good self.

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