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Posted on: 17-12-14
Eat chocolates to stay healthy and happy

Too much consumption of sugar can prove to be harmful for your health. But the researchers claim that anything in moderation does not cause much harm to your health. Having sweet delicacies not only helps prevent ageing and ensures proper blood flow and also helps lose weight.

Consumption of chocolates could be beneficial in several ways as follows as per the recent study being conducted.

An antioxidant named flavanol is found in plants that accelerates the blood flow to the brain. The higher the cocoa content in your chocolate the better it is for your health. The antioxidants found in fruit and vegetables, which help fight free-radicals that lead to wrinkles, are just as potent in cocoa-rich chocolate. Some research suggests that chocolates could be even more beneficial than fruit, because of their higher antioxidant level.

The research that was published in the scientific journal Nutritional Neuroscience put forth a fact that emphasized on the various aspects related to your mood pattern. Chocolates, have high content of magnesium which generates relaxation and a neurotransmitter that triggers good mood. The cholesterol levels get lowered and also the blood pressure level gets stable. The flexibility of veins and arteries also gets improved due to the presence of flavanols and plant sterols.

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