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Posted on: 17-10-14
Benefits and Drawbacks of Napping

Most of us are fond of napping during day time, it is called as a brief period of sleep often taken during daytime. Napping can help you refresh and refocus your body and mind. Irrespective of the place you are in, whether at school, at home or at your work place, learning how to get a quick nap is an essential skill in itself. You can create a suitable atmosphere in your surroundings itself and other things you can do to rest up if a nap is not possible and thus you could learn to nap effectively.

One needs to get along and understand the pros and cons of day time sleeping habits. Taking rest at wrong times and for a longer period of time can have a negative effect on your health.

Benefits of taking nap:
Taking a short nap always gives you with physiological and psychological benefits. It offers you with total relaxation, rejuvenation and also lessens other complications and mistakes. In a very recent study, it was found that men who took regular naps at least three times a week had about 37% less chances of getting heart-related death and diseases.

The study also clarified that long naps are more effective than short ones. A maximum of 20 minutes nap will always help refresh your mind.

Drawbacks of taking nap:
Naps are not considered to be very healthy for people who undergo health problems such as insomnia or depression as it can worsen these situations. Also, a nap which is taken too late during day time can have an adverse effect on your night time sleep.

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