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Posted on: 30-12-14
Healthy uses for your discarded hair conditioner

We sometimes end up using only half of a hair conditioner bottle because as and when you keep on using it, you would know that it does not suit you hair type. Do not throw away the bottle as there could be many reasons to make maximum use out of it.

Perfect addition to your manicure and pedicure
In order to soften your hands and feet provide them with some tender care and love. Add conditioner to the warm water that is made in use for performing manicure and pedicure. It will not only help moisturize the skin on your hands and feet but will also soften dead skin, making it easier to scrub off.

A potent cuticle softener
Cuticles that are overgrown becomes hard and painful, it gets infected soon. All you need to do is to soak your hands is some warm or moderately heated water and apply some conditioner on your cuticles leave it for sometime and then proceed to cut off the extra cuticles and push back the rest.

Cleans and softens your make up brushes
Wash the make up brush after every use. If you leave the substance without washing on the brush it might become hard and stick to each other. This can not only make it difficult to use again, but may also carry bacteria that can cause infections. A good way to get rid of this is to use conditioner to get rid of the hardened make-up and soften the brush.

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