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Posted on: 26-03-15
Healthy diet tips before exams

It is very important stay healthy during the exam to score the highest. Hence, it becomes vital to have the right food packed with nutrients to be a champion in the exam.

Importance of the right diet
During the exam everybody is under high stress and has to study for long hours, even brain is also equally stressed and tried. Having unhealthy food not only makes them tried but also makes them sick even during the exam and through the day. Right food not only nourishes the body and brain but also keeps stress free and prevents drowsiness as well.

Foods to eat before exams
Nuts, Smoothies, Cheese vegetable sandwich would be the right choice. Food with low glycemic index is the right choice. This helps to keep blood sugar level low and prevent drowsiness during the exam. Also need to keep nutrient value high.

Curd with sugar is a healthy option
Curd with sugar is a good choice during exam. It helps keep the nerves calm, supply sustained energy and keeps the brain active. Addition of fruit and nuts to yogurt is the better option, as it can supply vitamins and minerals.

Foods to avoid before exams
Certainly there are wide range of foods, that can produce drowsy during the exam have to be avoided. It is suggested to avoid foods that contain simple sugars, high fat, and preservatives, such as, packaged fruit juice, Junk foods such as pizza, burger, Deep-fried foods such as samosa, fries, etc. These foods can damage the brain, cause nervousness and bad to stomach too.

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